Friday, September 30, 2016

Embarking on an Adventure

Today, we set sail on our first Disney Cruise adventure!

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I've been dreaming about this day since I first learned about Disney Cruise Line.  The first time I heard about it, I was a child visiting Walt Disney World.  I remember seeing a video presentation about what they were working on.  Then, we got to see a small scale model of one of the ships.

Since then, I've seen lots of ads for the cruises on the Disney Channel.  I've seen snippets from the Disney Parks Christmas parades.  I've watched a Disney Cruise Line special on the Travel Channel.  And I've also seen lots of pictures online.  All of those have got me so excited for what we're going to experience this weekend!

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I plan to fully immerse myself and to soak in all of the Disney Cruise Line magic that I can.  Thus, I'll be completely off the grid during our cruise.  I'm planning to keep my phone in airplane mode, but I'll keep it on me so I can take photos and videos.

I will let you all know how it went as soon as I can!!!  I'm sure I'll have a ton of photos, videos and stories to share!  But for now, it's time to embark on an adventure!!!  °o°

Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 2016 Photo Challenge

It's time for another photo challenge!  (I decided to post it a day early since we'll be leaving on our cruise tomorrow!)  As you know, I've been doing the Instagram Photo challenge put on by the Disney Colors Facebook Group.  This has been a busy month, but I've still managed to post all my photos!

Here are my September 2016 Photo Challenge Photos:

Day 1: Welcome- Nothing says welcome like this sign!

Day 2: Autumn- I love the fall decorations at the parks!

Day 3: Twirl- Festival of Fantasy Parade

Day 4: Blue- Hidden Mickey in The Living Seas

Day 5: Need for Speed- Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom

Day 6: Balloons- I love Mickey Balloons!

Day 7: Tigger- They're bouncey, bouncey, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!

Day 8: Fountain- My favorite fountain photo

Day 9: Thunder- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad model, Disneyland Hotel

Day 10: Show- Mickey and the Magical Map, Disneyland

Day 11: Gold- My first runDisney bling!

Day 12: Ice Cream- Dole Whip!!!

Day 13: Details- I love the details of the Storybookland Canal Boats models.

Day 14: Flowers- Flower and Garden Festival

Day 15: Royal- Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Day 16: Future- Tomorrowland, Disneyland

Day 17: Lanterns- Rapunzel in Mickey and the Magical Map

Day 18: Nature- Kilimanjaro Safaris

Day 19: Wonderland- Tea Cups at Disneyland 

Day 20: Space- Star Wars store in Tomorrowland, Disneyland

Day 21: Mouse- One Man's Dream

Day 22: Castle- I love the ice lights on Cinderella Castle!!!

Day 23: Celebrate- The Move It, Shake It Parade, Magic Kingdom

Day 24: Music- Soundsational Parade, Disneyland

Day 25: Disney Food- Because nothing tastes better than Mickey shaped food!

Day 26: Sparkle- I love sparkly fireworks!

Day 27: Selfie- Riding Dumbo with one of my favorite little donkeys.

Day 28: Parade- Boo To You!!!

Day 29: Imagination- I miss the imagination from the Animation Building.

Day 30: Laughter- Genie provided many laughs in Aladdin, California Adventure.

This was a lot of fun!  I'll probably skip October though, at least the daily Instagram posts.  It's a lot of work to go through my photos and I'm going to be away at Disney for the start of the month anyways!  At least I'll be able to get some more photos for next time!  Maybe I'll just post them all at once again like I did in May!  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Disney Cruise 2016 Bucket List

I've dreamed about going on a Disney Cruise forever.  Now that we're finally getting the opportunity, I have a ton of things I want to try!  I decided to make a separate bucket list for our cruise.  It's only a three day cruise, but I have a lot of goals!

Melissa's Disney Cruise 2016 Trip Bucket List:
°o°  1.) Do the Castaway Cay 5K
°o°  2.) Attend the Sail Away Party
°o°  3.) Buy DCL Merchandise
°o°  4.) Go on the Aquaduck
°o°  5.) See the Fireworks
°o°  6.) Explore Castaway Cay
°o°  7.) Take Character Photos (Mickey, Minnie, etc)
°o°  8.) Buy a Special Piece of Artwork for our House
°o°  9.) Participate in a Fish Extender Gift Exchange
°o° 10.) Take a photo in a giant porthole
°o° 11.) Check out and Explore the Disney Dream
°o° 12.) Get Character Autographs on our Anchor
°o° 13.) Take pictures of my ears on ship
°o° 14.) Attend Pirate Night
°o° 15.) Take Videos of the Fake Porthole

I think this bucket list is definitely do-able!!!  We've already got plans to do quite a few of the things on the list!  I'm so excited.  I can't wait to experience all of these new things!!!  I'll check back when Eliot and I return to let you know how we did!!!  °o°

Monday, September 26, 2016

WDW Tomorrow!!!

I can't believe I leave for Walt Disney World (and for our cruise) tomorrow!!!  I'm so excited, but I've still got so much to do!!!  Ahhh!!!  Catch me if you can!!!  But, as crazy as it's been the past few weeks, I know it'll be worth it.  I'm looking forward to a week and a half away from my everyday routine.  I'm also really excited to see all of my fellow travel agent friends again!  And to meet some new friends!!!

If you see Eliot and me at Disney, please feel free come say hello!  We'd love to meet fellow Disney fans!  I promise we don't bite!  (Unless you are a candy apple.  Then, I make no promises!)  However, if I'm with my travel agent group, I probably won't be be able to say hi... I think we'll only be in the parks touring as a group on Thursday, but I'm not 100% sure.  Otherwise, I'd love to meet you!

As always, you can virtually follow along with the fun from the comfort of your own home.  If you aren't already, follow My Disney Life on Facebook for pictures, posts and updates.  I'm also on Instagram as @MyDisneyLifeBlog if you want to follow the photo fun there!  In the past, I tend to be more active on Instagram during our Disney trips.  I like to post photos "live" from the parks.  Don't have an Instagram account?  If you follow this link, you should be able to see all of my photos online!

During our Disneyland trip, I was able to live broadcast on my Facebook account.  If you are following me on Facebook, you might be in for a few treats!  You should get an alert when I'm live.  If you can't tune in to the live feed, you should be able to watch the videos at your own convenience if you go to my page.  Hopefully, this will allow more people to see my videos!

However, with all that being said, I will be offline during our cruise.  I will be sure to post photos and videos afterwards though!  There are data plans available, but I've decided to go cold turkey for the 2.5 days so I can get the full cruise relaxation experience!

Stay tuned for lots of Disney photo and video spam... See ya real soon friends!  °o°

Friday, September 23, 2016

One Week!!!

Only one week until we embark on our first Disney Cruise adventure!!!

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Two weeks ago, I started to tell you about how we were preparing for our cruise and trip to Walt Disney World.  I posted another update last week, when we started to get a bunch of our Disney Cruise Line items in the mail!  Since then, it's been a flurry of excitement around here... and there's no sign of stopping!

Mostly, Eliot and I have been working almost non-stop on mouse ears.  Mouse ears for my Key to the World travel agent friends.  10 sets of breast cancer awareness mouse ears for a customer on Etsy.  Other mouse ear orders from Etsy.  Mouse ears for us to wear.  Mouse ears here, mouse ears there, mouse ears pretty much everywhere!!!

However, I'm still not stressed out.  (Yet anyways!)  Maybe it's because I'm enjoying all of the new designs and it's sparking some creativity.  I've even taken some time to work on a few new ear designs for Eliot and I to wear during our trip!  A few are designs I've wanted to make forever... so I'm really excited that those are done now!

Earlier this week, Eliot finished a few soaps orders for some Etsy customers... so we switched gears to focus on making our fish extender gifts!  We also told my parents we'd make gifts for them to give out!  I think he's pretty much done with my family's fish extender gifts.  Now, he's just working on completing both sets of ours!  Plus, they're a little bit different so we're not all handing out the exact same thing!

I've completed most of the shopping on my list.  A lot of the list consisted of supplies, so I had to get those ahead of time.  I also got a few more supplies in the mail.  At this point, I'm only expecting two more things in the mail!  Hopefully they'll arrive soon!

Photo Source
We still have stuff to do this weekend, but we're in good shape!  I'm finished with work, so I have today, this weekend and Monday to finish up some more projects.  I also have to make our fish extenders.  I have to finish a bunch of ears, and start one more secret ear project for Eliot and me.  I also have to put together my outfits, and start packing.  I have a list, but I haven't started to pack anything yet!

It might be a busy weekend... but at least the final countdown has started!!!  °o°

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Eliot's and my 4th wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe that four years have passed since we had our Disney Wedding.  It was a dream come true and sometimes, it still feels like it was a dream!

Thankfully, we splurged on photos and videos so we'll always have reminders of our special day!  I was going through a few of them the other day, and I created this short slideshow video for my Instagram account.  I thought I'd share it here too!  (Note: It's made to be viewed on Instagram so the photos are not a very high quality!)

We don't have any big plans for today.  Honestly, we've been so busy with ears that I've barely seen Eliot this month!  But, it'll totally be worth it when we're at Walt Disney World and on our cruise in a few more days!!!  (10 days until our cruise!)  We've already decided that we'll celebrate more then!  And what better place to celebrate then where our Happily Ever After first started?

ChEars to four magical yEars!!!  °o°

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend 2017

"Here we go!!!"  I'm registered for the 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend!!!

This event takes place at Disneyland May 11th to 14th.  Eliot signed me up for the Pixie Dust Challenge- which consists of the Tinker Bell 10K Saturday and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Sunday.  So that's 19.3 miles total in two days!

Photo Source
Early registration for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members opened last Tuesday at noon.  I didn't even realize Eliot was planning to register us early, until he called me at work asking me what shirt size I was.  He registered himself and his entire family as well.  Registration opens for everyone on Tuesday!

This also means that Eliot and I are both registered to do the Coast to Coast challenge in which you get a pink medal!  I'm very excited about this.  I've wanted to do these two events for years now.  Next year is my year.  I've already started to work on my training plan and it goes into full swing once we're back from Walt Disney World.  I haven't had the best luck with runDisney events in the past, but I'm really determined this time!

Photo Source
In addition to my registration, Eliot also pre-ordered my pins and the "runner bundle" which included a Tervis cup and an ornament.  I also got those items from Princess weekend!  I'll have to make sure I save a spot on our Christmas tree for them!

Here's to the start of another runDisney adventure!!!  °o°